They look amazing! How do they sound? Here are some recordings made with the 73-75 system.

[soundcloud id=’318426070′ height=’false’]

A basic self playing patch. Two oscillators summed in the triple wave shaper, to the filter and then out! VCOs are controlled by the programmer. All over modulation by SSG, POS+NEG and the envelope, which cycles only on certain steps from the programmer.


[soundcloud id=’318527170′ height=’false’]

Hypnotic drone. One oscillator through the triple wave shaper. The TWS is modulated by the other oscillator and envelope generator set to cycle. From TWS it goes to filter and bandpass output to the VCA. Window output of the envelope generator modulates the filter. Programmer handles frequency of the modulation oscillator. (This drone has added reverb and delay)


[soundcloud id=’318597162′ height=’false’]

Bug music. The SSG is in feedback mode, where the coupler output goes to both the smooth and stepped sections. A bit of sample and hold is added to the SSG for the true bug sound. The SSG is then routed via the TWS and to the filter. Filter and TWS is controlled by the envelope in cycle mode.


If you’d like to dive deeper into the history and knowledge of Serge Synthesizers check you for historical documents and information. Courtesy of Ken Stone.


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